Art & design work by Dave Watt

As a past victim of van robbery, this article hits v close to home; which is why I stayed up all night drawing the accompanying pictures of how to keep your shit safe from theives. 

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Hi yalls - I recently sat down with my friend Brian AKA Sikes to talk art, music, and life (amongst other shit) for his podcast. 
If that’s your bag, you can check it out here

Dave Watt // HIDEOUS STRENGTH excerpts

  • Portrait Of Her As An Idea
  • Phantom Limb Seeks Meaning In A Vacuum
  • Tasteless Contrast
  • Weird Agendas 

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Dave Watt // HIDEOUS STRENGTH excerpts

  • Profound Disinterest
  • Your Goth Dad (Non Sequitur)
  • Mute Scorpio
  • Frigid Rose

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Here are a handful of paintings that are included in my show HIDEOUS STRENGTH, which is currently hanging at Remedy through the end of September.

Dave Watt // HIDEOUS STRENGTH excerpts

  • Divine Birth Of The Conjoined Honey Saints
  • Special Crown Denotes The Unchosen One
  • Self-Witnessed Destruction
  • Partial Burial Of Ragnarok Our Punishment Will Be Severe

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Hi friends - if you will be in or around the Pittsburgh area 2 weeks from now, I’d love for you to stop by and see what I’ve been neglecting all of my responsibilities in order to produce.
HIDEOUS STRENGTH is a collection of new work that I am immensely proud of and I’ll be hanging out at Remedy in Lawrenceville to chat (and drink) at the opening reception September 5th. The show will be up all month for those who cannot attend the opening. 
Hope to see you there babies
Lil raptor jam for Whenskiesaregray
Just checkin in

Here’s a handful of shirts that I’ve had the privilege of blasting out this summer.

I recently sat down & talked shop with the talented and hard-working Genevieve Barbee for her podcast, The AP Collection! 
Listen here!
Show poster for Foxy Shazam
Album art for Cathedral Fever
Demons & angels
Flyer for The Hotelier, etc